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$60-95 Sliding Scale (HST included)

Please note that your initial appointment will include a 15-minute assessment/consultation that will be included in the one hour treatment.

Massage Therapy for Queer and Trans Individuals:

As a member of the queer community myself, I understand how difficult it can be to access safe health care. It is my goal to create a higher standard in caregiver/patient relations to put queers in charge! I want to know what makes you feel good when seeking care and am always open to feedback.

Whether you want to work to diminish pain and scarring incurred as a result of top-surgery, are HIV-positive or don’t want to have to explain what a pronoun is, I aim to create a space where your needs can be addressed. Trans-inclusion and body positivity are a must in my life and my practice. 

Your body and your needs are welcome here!

Rowan Nancarrow, RMT

I will admit, massage therapy hasn’t always been on the top of my to-do list. Be in a punk band, write a poetry book, travel the world with little to no money, change the world-these were all the things that I strove to accomplish when I was much younger. It wasn’t until my early twenties when I began avidly training in martial arts that I became interested in learning more about the principles of kinesiology and considering a career in massage therapy.

I began practicing Systema, a Russian martial art, at the age of 20. Through this study of combat, I was introduced to fundamental concepts of body mechanics and healing. It taught me how to perceive pain and tension in another person by visually assessing their movement and by introducing me to body manipulation and mechanics. My instructor often reminded us that in following with the duality of the universe, “if we want to learn how to harm the body, we must also understand how to heal it.” This small wisdom paved the way for my passion as a massage therapist.

I completed my registered massage therapy education in 2017 at the Ontario College of Health & Technology. After focusing on nothing but anatomy, physiology and kinesiology for the past two years, I am excited to offer soft tissue manipulative therapy in an accessible and holistic environment.

About My Treatment:

My treatments are as varied as the individuals who come in to receive them. It is important to me first and foremost to create trust and confidence between my clients and myself. For me that begins with the belief that everyone has a right to accessible, consenting health care, regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, body presentation or religious belief.

From acute to chronic injuries, specific medical disorders, pre-/post-natal treatment or stress-related issues such as headaches or back pain, my training and treatment knowledge allows me to work with a variety of clinical issues to help restore your functioning and mobility safely.

I practice various modalities including Swedish massage, deep tissue work, myofacial release, stretch therapy, low grade joint mobilization and strength exercises.

As we get to know one another and establish a secure rapport, I will begin with addressing and identifying why you are seeking treatment and what goals you are aiming to accomplish through our sessions. Through either palpation or movement assessment, I will work with you to pinpoint the underlying cause of whatever issues are affecting you.

Communication is key and I will continuously work with you to make sure that you are receiving the treatment that you want. I strive to offer empowered health care which means sharing my knowledge about the body and the treatment as much as possible. The healing process is an active one that centers the patient as much as the practitioner, and I will work with you to provide you the skills to take your health into your own hands.