• Breakthrough sessions

  • Goal Setting

  • Action Planning

  • Meditation

  • Accountability/mentorship support


Prices work on a sliding scale, pay-as-much-as-you-can basis.

  • Initial Discovery Call (15 min) - Free

  • Breakthrough sessions (90 min) - $75-$110

  • Appointments (60 min) - $65-$80

  • Accountability/mentorship support - $45-$60

Nicole Catenazzi, Life Coach

Nicole helps people uncover their potential, their power and their peace through coaching.

When bumps in the road of life arise, she takes a holistic approach to helping her clients get clarity about what they want for their life, why they want it and how to achieve it.

Nicole will help you break through limiting beliefs you hold about yourself to overcome feelings of low confidence, anxiety or insecurity; and offer strategies and techniques to help you regain control of your life, reach your goals and find better life balance. 

Nicole's approach to coaching is rooted in the belief that no one is broken. Yes, life happens. And while you may find yourself in a situation that has you feeling lost, in a rut, aimless, unfulfilled or purposeless, your potential for change is limitless—if you are ready to commit fully to your own growth and self-transformation. 

Nicole will help you identify your core values, get clarity on your priorities in life, and empower you to take steps towards achieving your goals and living in better alignment with who you truly are. Take the first step now by contacting Nicole to schedule your free discovery call.