You Can Get a 1-hr Acupuncture Treatments for just $20-40/Appointment

So, what's the catch?

Our approach to doing acupuncture is a bit different than what you might be used to in a health care setting. At Inland Island we offer community acupuncture which allows for multiple people to get treated at the same time.

Community acupuncture

  • Is a great way to try acupuncture without breaking the bank

  • Lowers the cost for the patient while keeping our practitioners fairly compensated

  • Allows you to come in with a friend or family member

  • Is done in a quiet room where the goal is to relax

You walk into the clinic - it's warm, the music is sweet & soft, and you instantly feel at home. 

In the community acupuncture room there are 6 lounge chairs set up and people are booked in 15-minute intervals. On your first appointment, one of our licensed and experienced practitioners will spend 10-15 minutes going over your intake form and asking some questions before putting needles in. Afterward you can lie back, relax and stay as long as you'd like - for most people that's usually 45-60 minutes.  


Payment is made on a sliding scale of $20-40 with a one-time $10 paperwork fee on your first appointment. You pay whatever you are comfortable with within the scale.

Do keep in mind that a series of treatments is usually required to get you feeling better. Treatments are covered by most extended healthcare plans