Looking for a natural way to manage neck pain?


Neck pain is a common complaint at our clinic and we’ve found that acupuncture is a very effective treatment. You don't need pain pills to feel better.



Did you wake up with acute neck pain and reduced mobility? Does turning your head cause shooting pain? The onset of pain might feel sudden, but it’s likely your body has been exhibiting stress symptoms for some time. Stress causes muscles to tense up. It causes inflammation, changes in breathing, and restricts the circulatory system. 

Stress is something we bring into bed with us. Ask yourself, What’s your sleep like? Do you curl into a ball or maybe grind your teeth? Do you wake up at night? These are common signs that indicate stress as a source for neck pain as opposed to injury. Acupuncture has been shown to be an excellent therapy for both reducing stress and relieving pain.


Many of us spend the day sitting at a desk, leaning in to look at a computer, or perhaps holding the phone with our shoulder, then, later, curling up on the couch to watch TV. These extremely common postural tendencies reflect a modern lifestyle that runs contrary to the way our bodies were designed. We were meant to move around, but our work and recreational lives have us sitting in the same position for many hours at a time.

The resulting neck pain must be managed in some way and many people turn to over-the-counter pain medication for relief. With the safety of these drugs being called into question, many people turn to acupuncture as a natural, drug-free solution.



Muscle tension is a way for the body to guard against injury and pain. This protection reflex is overused when we experience chronic stress and can lead to musculoskeletal related pain.

By creating a micro-injury on the skin, acupuncture causes the body to release oxytocin, which is a hormone that regulates the parasympathetic nervous system. This system governs our body’s ability to calm down from the high alert of being stressed, to digest food properly, and to rest well at night.

This, combined with the calming environment of the clinic and the necessity of resting during treatment, allows the patient to relax and bring the work of the needles home with them and into their daily lives.



When accidents happen we are sometimes left to deal with ongoing pain. Many people with chronic neck pain due to injury choose acupuncture as part of their strategy. By encouraging blood flow, decreasing inflammation and releasing constricted muscles, acupuncture can provide relief and reduce our reliance on over-the-counter pain medication.

When the injury is especially acute and painful, our practitioners place needles away from the injury site and radiate relief along Traditional Chinese Medicine channels.

Our community acupuncture model allows for reasonable pricing for those who require ongoing treatment.


Neck pain is often a result of inflammation, stress, and muscle tension. By selecting particularly sensitive neurovascular nodes on the body the acupuncturist can effect blood flow, release muscles in the affected area, and in that way relieve pain. This is done by stimulating the selected nodes with very fine acupuncture needles.

Acupuncture uses the vocabulary of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a vocabulary that has been poorly translated by westerners. The word chi, for instance, is often understood by westerners to mean “energy”, when a more accurate translation would be oxygen or air. This better reflects the usefulness of acupuncture in affecting the circulation of blood (and therefore oxygen) through the circulatory system.


Acupuncture needles are made to an extremely fine grade. Their thinness allows them to stimulate the required nodes on the skin without causing pain—or only the tiniest pinch—and without doing any damage to the skin.

Each needle is sterile in its package. The acupuncturist removes the packaging from each fresh needle, then discards the needle into a biohazard container after each use.