Michelle Cordeiro, CNP + Intuitive Eating CounseLlor


Reach out! You don't have to navigate this alone.



  • Wednesdays - 5-9PM

  • As needed


  • 75 minute initial: $120 ($90-120 sliding scale)

  • 30 minute follow-up: $65

I’m Michelle, an Intuitive Eating Counsellor, Holistic Nutritionist (CNP), and Mindful Movement Instructor from Hamilton. In my practice I work with diverse and vibrant humans (like you!) who are sick of feeling bogged down by food rules and the destructive nature of diet culture. My approach to nutrition is simple and rooted in an inclusive, intuitive eating framework, with the belief that restriction and dieting serves no one. 

Graduating from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition with highest honours, I took my knowledge in nutrition a step further by enrolling in Evelyn Tribole’s Intuitive Eating Intensive, where I found a truer meaning of what it means to be well

I believe in focusing on markers of health that have nothing to do with the size of our bodies or how many kale salads we consume - but rather inviting ourselves to eat all the foods that make us feel joyous, energetic and connected.

Intuitive Eating allows you to regain the ability to make choices about your life - your food, your movement, YOUR body - in a way that serves your needs without judgement, dieting or restriction. 

Every body deserves compassion and care in an environment that feels safe to them. I will always prioritize creating a space where you can feel open and accepted, because I understand how healing one’s relationship with food is a vulnerable and complex subject that can take time and support to work through. So let’s do it together.

In an effort to make my services more accessible, I work from a sliding-scale platform, meaning no one is turned away because of finances. If you have a question, please don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll find a solution so you can get the care you need, right now. 

Let’s focus on abundance in our food choices rather than restriction, because that’s what it’s all about: no. bad. foods. 

I work with individuals who:

  • Have cycled through diet after diet for as long as they can remember

  • Feel like their relationship with food is centered around binging and restricting 

  • Want to know how to make educated decisions for themselves - day to day, meal to meal, moment to moment - with flexible nutrition advice

  • Are healing from disordered eating habits and simply need guidance

 I can help you to:

  • Feel in control while enjoying all the foods you love (without guilt or judgement)

  • Celebrate and recognize your body’s cues for hunger, tuning into what you need at any given moment with flexibility and understanding

  • Continue to heal your relationship with yourself and your body, as it is right now

  • Take back control of your health with education and ongoing support