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Julian Yates, R.Ac

I believe that if you can help change a person's health, then you can help them change their life as well. When I first encountered bodywork, I was amazed at the power that something as simple as touch had to affect my own health, well being, and awareness of how my body works. This feeling lead me to study first Shiatsu therapy, and then Acupuncture. Over many years of study and practice, the satisfaction of knowing that I am affecting people's lives for the better has only increased. Time and again my patients return, saying that they not only feel better, but echo my own experience of increased self awareness and well being. They say something has changed about how they view themselves and how they move and live in the world. For me, this reaction serves to strengthen my belief, and provides constant motivation to continue doing the best I can for my patients.

I studied both Shiatsu (2004) and Acupuncture (2008) at the Shiatsu School of Canada Inc. & SSC Acupuncture Institute. Shortly after graduating from the Acupuncture program I studied Kiiko Matsumoto style acupuncture with Tak Tsurusaki, and more recently studied Wang Ju-Yi's Channel palpation with Jonathan Chang.

I have taught at the SSC since 2007, both as an instructor and as a clinic supervisor. In 2013, I became the director of the Shiatsu Program, helping to usher in the next generations of Shiatsu therapists.

I live in Hamilton with my family, and am both proud of and grateful for the community I live I in.