How does community acupuncture work?

1. When you arrive, take your coat off and your shoes and place them on the rack by our front desk. We will keep an eye on them for you, but please bring any personal belongings to your recliner.

2. Walk through the curtains into the acupuncture studio. At the desk, please sign in and make a note if you need to leave at a particular time so the practitioner can make sure your needles are out. 

3. Pay before sitting down. Using one of the envelopes in the jar next to the beige + brown crock pot, put your cash in and place the envelope into the crock. If you are using change, please secure the envelope with paper-clips. If you would like to use your credit card, just speak to whoever is at the front desk. If it is your first appointment, please take a clipboard to fill out the intake and consent forms. 

4. Grab a cup of tea or water, choose a chair, and get comfy using the sheet + blankets in the basket behind your chair. Feel free to use earplugs or listen to music with headphones as a certain amount of noise in the clinic is inevitable. Use the basket to store any personal belongings you have with you.

5. Sit back, recline, relax. the practitioner will come by in a moment.

6. After your treatment, the practitioner will take out the needles and briefly talk about when you should come in next. Book your next appointment before you leave at the front desk.