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Helping your friends who sometimes want to die, maybe not die

A workshop presented by Carly Boyce

  • When: Sunday, March 6, 2016, 2-5 PM
  • Cost: $5-50/sliding scale
  • To register: e-mail carly.boyce[at]gmail[dot]com

Inland Island Community Wellness Centre is very excited to offer its first workshop of 2016 with the inimitable Carly Boyce at the helm. Registration info below, please register if you'd like to come!

this is an intro-level workshop for folks who want to build and share skills around supporting people in their lives who are suicidal.

this is not a certification course- it's an opportunity for folks to gather and share what we know about supporting our loved ones in a structured and facilitated way.

some of the questions we will be exploring include- what are my beliefs about suicide, and how might those impact how i react to someone else feeling suicidal? how do i know if someone i care about is thinking about ending their life? how can i keep my friends safe when they are struggling? how can i take care of myself if i also struggle with suicidal feelings and behaviors? what if i fuck it up?

***to register*** email and i will send you a little questionaire. you can also get in touch if you have questions. ♥

***can't make this time but are interested? i'll be doing this workshop a bunch more times this winter and spring. if you want to be kept in the loop, sent me a fb message or email. ♥

about the facilitator-

i'm a 32 year old white settler and a queer and genderqueer witch, with 17 years of facilitation and workshop creation experience. i'm also a trauma survivor and an anxious introvert. she or they pronouns plz.

my approach to suicide intervention is based on a combination of formal training and lived experience. i believe strongly in approaches that foreground body autonomy, kindness, harm reduction, and boundaried vulnerability. i am critical of institutions (hospitals, policing, social services), while sometimes participating in them in various ways. i have done front line peer based support work with queer and trans youth and with survivors of sexual violence for more than a decade, and informal support p much my whole life.

more info about me can be found here if you want it-

access info-

Inland Island is a community-based wellness centre offering safe & effective natural and traditional health care services. Our intent is to improve access to preventative and holistic medicines by decreasing financial, physical, and social barriers to care. We strive to be a place where each individual's unique & diverse lived experiences are honoured and respected. There is a gender neutral bathroom. We are working on becoming wheelchair accessible and should be by this date. Updates on accessibility will be provided on this event page.

This will be a low scent space. Plz come as scent free as you can - here's some more info on how to do that:


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