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Moving Through Transitions

A seasonal workshop series rooted in movement and traditional practices for self-healing.


May 18th, 2019
Location Inland Island Community Wellness Clinic

Season changes call us into relationship with our natural environment and ourselves. They help inform how we nourish, move and breath within our bodies.

Join naturopathic doctor Jiselle Griffith N.D. and Chris Bourke movement educator for a foundational five part seasonal series. This series is designed to ease you through seasonal changes using daily movements and traditional medicine practices.


Traditional and indigenous medicines teach us to live in harmony with each season. Naturopathic medicine draws upon healing practices of traditional eastern medicines. Using Five Element theory, plant medicine and nourishment, Dr. Jiselle Griffith ND will how to harmony and balance to organs systems affected by each changing season.

Yoga and breath infuse our bodies with awareness of where it is stuck and where there is room to move. Chris Bourke will guide you through breath and movement practices to align your the affected organs and your nervous system with each season.

In each workshop there will be:

a nervous system centred approach to return to ease and fluidity;

a deepening of body awareness;

nutritional guidance, herbal wisdom, acupressure, gentle movement, breath work;

parting gifts to continue your practice at home.

Spaces are limited to 6 for this first workshop, register today.

Come for one season $60
Or come for all $250
* two sliding scale spots available