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Understanding Grey Area Drinking with Jennifer Payne, RHN

Drinking behaviours are not black and white.  It is not simply that we all fall into two distinct camps; one who normally enjoys the occasional drink or an alcoholic that needs a morning drink to stop the shakes of withdrawal.  There is a space in between. It is the space that opens up when you wake at 3am to the shame of realizing you did “it” again. The broken promise you made to yourself to have only one glass of wine which once again turned into you drinking the whole bottle. 

The space between the black and white, the grey, is a place where a real problem exists; one that may be getting in the way of the life you were truly meant to live.   

Please join me for an afternoon where we will discuss:

  • What is grey area drinking and the sober-curious movement.

  • Understanding how and why alcohol has nudged its way from something to enjoy occasionally to a necessary tool of: social interaction, connection to loved ones, stress management and relaxation.

  • The negative effects of alcohol on: your physical body, your spiritual self and your mind.

  • And most importantly, some very important first steps in examining the role of alcohol in your life discussed in a positive and supportive atmosphere.    

Whether this is to be a break to re-evaluate your relationship with alcohol or simply setting up some strategies for the possible goal of long term sobriety, this workshop can be an invaluable step forward in better understanding your relationship with alcohol.

About Jenn

Hi, I’m Jenn Payne. While working in the non-profit arena for over two decades, and balancing this full-time work with the raising of a family, I began a passionate journey towards improved nutrition and health.  This path of inquiry led me to become a graduate of The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition earning my Registered Holistic Nutritionist designation.  I am also a supporter of the Sober Curious and Grey Area Drinking movements, and have recently begun coaching after completing Holly Whitaker’s ground-breaking Tempest Sobriety School Program.  My experiences, both professionally and personally, challenged me to question health beliefs I had often previously taken for granted.  I began to reflect on many culturally normalized views about alcohol and nutrition, and to revaluate their damaging effects.

 I have witnessed the destructive effects of misunderstood nutrition, and alcohol use on both my own health and the health of friends, colleagues and family members.  I realized how both food and alcohol were often ineffectively being used as an attempt to deal with the growing pressures of modern-day life.  In researching the many management and treatment options out there, I found many archaic and rigid support programs that seemed out of date.  Even in the areas of nutrition, I noticed the shame surrounding cultural messages about body size as well as the dysfunctional, circular solutions often found in diet and nutrition cultures which only lead people to frustration and, quite often, poor coping strategies.  I am committed to dismantling the common view that diet culture and body shaming is the most effective path to a healthier lifestyle.

I strive to help people develop a more complete and attainable sense of well being by providing a foundation of knowledge, understanding, and support for these complex issues.  I am excited about this new chapter of my life and I feel I have much valuable knowledge and experience to share.

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