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Danielle Rosenfeld, Herbalist + Cupping Practitioner

Feeling stressed out, tense, sore and out of balance? Have you tried cupping? Cupping is an ancient, cross cultural, low tech practice for muscular and lymphatic issues. 

About Me:

Danielle is a certified western clinical herbalist, cupping practitioner, and health educator. She provides a warm, supportive and accepting healing environment. She has worked as a youth worker, mental health counsellor and personal support worker in youth shelters and community clinics. Danielle is a gardener, wild crafter and medicine maker. She recognizes that health is influenced by socioeconomic circumstances, environmental factors, access to resources, and personal & ancestral history. Danielle works from a harm reduction perspective recognizing that people employ different coping mechanisms to get by.  Her client-based approach recognizes that people know their own bodies best and ultimately heal themselves. She approaches each consultation as a partnership and aims to assist her clients in finding plant allies, and to feel empowered in their healing process.

About cupping:

Cupping stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory systems to be able to flush out toxins and relax the body. Cupping is based on negative pressure rather than tissue compression (like massage) and uses suction to draw blood to the affected area. Using small plastic or glass cups applied directly to your body, a seal is created to provide pressure to draw the blood to the surface of the skin (often leaving a bruise like colour on the body that can resolve itself between few days to a couple weeks. Cupping is used to take your body out of a state of stress and put it into a state of relaxation and promotes many other health benefits. Each treatment is tailored to your individual needs and includes an herbal foot bath, herbal infused oils and cupping.